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The Project “Botanic studio and deco’” was born after years working together and listening to the market needs seeking more and more customized responses for personalized and treated jobs. Far from the anonymous business dimension and mass standardized approaches, we offer projects and works with an unique and unmistakable style, linked to nature, the earth, the elemental.


Be it pruning in tree climbing, the reconstruction of a terrace, planning from scratch of a garden, an advice on which plants are more suitable for your needs, we will give you support and will be able to attend you with the needed attention.


In our office and in our laboratories we make projects and craft unique and customized complements. Our design choices are modern and customized according to the spatial and stylish needs of our clients, and are created with natural and material products that produce a selected charm. We deal in commercial space and shops restyling, design offers for offices and private residences, decoration of open spaces open to the public like entrance halls or indoor and outdoor furnishing gardens either for the resale for requested brands or the customized ones.


From planning to production, from the smallest to the largest event, care, innovation and all the security given to our experience will be at your service. Attention for the style selected by a client, the details and quality of products, materials and flowers used is our first priority. Every project we craft is unique ad unrepeatable, we use and build structure and supports of every type to fulfill even the more peculiar requests.

Landscape Artist with an academic knowledge on the world of botany, always fond of flowers and plants, he has transformed this passion in his job for twenty years. A plentiful mix of technical knowledge and practical skills made him an undisputed and known professional, wanted for his love and cure taken, from the planning and creation of a garden to the production of an exclusive event, from the construction of a unique piece of design furniture to the researched choice of flowers from a bouquet for a special event worth remembering.

Creativity and taste mixed with strictness and organization skills allowed her professional success both in the management and floral field, and in the practical application of skills gained with years of work carefully developing projects and events. Curiosity and research are the foundation of an accurate and passionate job with a 360degree vision around the world of design. A professional multitasker that ranges from the development to the organization of events, from the idealization of design solution to the choice of studied details, being them a combination of fabrics, an object or the harmonious pose of a flower or plant.
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